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King Charles will likely be residing at one of his numerous palaces

When you’re King, you get a lot of benefits. One of them is not worrying about where you’re going to sleep at night.

King Charles III has a wide range of assets at his disposal, from well-known castles and palaces to very simple cottages, at least modest by royal standards.

The employer provides several of them, while the others are the King’s personal property. The Prince of Wales also lived in several of these structures on his estate, the Duchy of Cornwall.

King Charles will likely be residing at one of his numerous palaces.

He won’t stay at every one of them. And those who keep tabs on the royal family believe the King has no plans to try.

Anna Whitelock, a professor of the history of the monarchy at the City, University of London, argues that the optics of the Royal Family maintaining numerous properties at a time of rising living costs in the United Kingdom might be problematic. It is said that the King is aware of this and will reuse many of them, maybe by making them available to more guests.

Is there a particular one among many that he may genuinely call home?

The Royal Residence of the Queen in Buckingham

The massive, 775-room structure in the heart of London is one of the most recognizable representations of the monarchy. Since 1837, Buckingham Palace has served as the administrative headquarters of the British monarchy. Currently undergoing a comprehensive makeover, it hosts around 50,000 people annually for formal functions. Royal historian Robert Lacey claims that Charles had “talked about converting it into more of an office” in the past. However, current rumors say that the King plans to downsize his living accommodations while maintaining his “flat above the store.”

Castle of Windsor

Windsor Castle, often regarded as the most significant and oldest inhabited castle in the world, served as the primary residence of the late Queen Elizabeth II after the outbreak of the Covid epidemic. It is unknown, however, how much time the future King will spend there. After relocating to the neighboring Adelaide Cottage, the Prince of Wales and his family are widely expected to establish permanent residence in the Windsor region. If you asked Lacey, “I would have imagined that would be more William’s stomping ground,” she’d answer no.

Location: Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland

Even though Balmoral is where the queen resides on a more permanent basis, the palace at the base of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is where the monarch rules Scotland. It is a royal residence, much like Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Both Queen Elizabeth and King Charles, while he was still the Prince of Wales, spent a week there every year entertaining formal and state ceremonies. There are 289 guest rooms, 17 of which are available to the general public.

Hillsborough Castle

Hillsborough Castle is the official house of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and the King of England in Northern Ireland. It recently made headlines when the King became irritated by a leaking pen during a visit. Thus, it served as the site of pivotal discussions on the Northern Irish peace process. The 100-acre garden and country home from the 18th century is a significant tourist draw.

Highgrove House

In 1980, Charles settled into his newly renovated Gloucestershire home. Although his late wife Diana reportedly did not like it, Professor Whitelock claims it is, along with Clarence House, where the Prince of Wales feels “most at home.” However, the land is held by the Duchy of Cornwall, which the Prince of Wales leads; thus, if the King decides to remain, his son will be the tenant.

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