Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
Italy blocks male refugees from disembarking rescue ship

Charities have labeled the Italian government’s actions “illegal” after it barred 250 people from disembarking from two rescue ships for migrants.

215 are banned on the Geo Barents and 35 are blocked on Humanity 1.

Children and those with medical needs were permitted to disembark at Catania, Sicily, while others were not. Two other rescue vessels remain at sea.

Italy blocks male refugees from disembarking rescue ships.

The new Italian prime minister has pledged to tighten down on migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Italy is one of the primary entrance sites into Europe, and according to the United Nations, 85,000 migrants have landed on boats since the beginning of the year.

From North Africa, migrants set sail on overcrowded, tiny boats, and are often rescued by charity vessels.

On Sunday morning, 144 individuals were permitted to leave the German-flagged vessel Humanity 1, carrying a total of 144 passengers. 357 individuals were let to disembark the Norwegian-flagged, Doctors Without Borders-operated Geo Barents in the afternoon.

Matteo Piantedosi, the Italian minister of the interior, said that individuals who did not qualify as vulnerable would have to leave Italian seas and be cared for by the “flag state.”

However, the captain of Humanity 1 is refusing to leave the port of Catania “until all people rescued from difficulty at sea have disembarked,” according to the German organization that manages the vessel, SOS Humanity.

In a series of tweets, SOS Humanity provided the following information: “The law of the sea requires him [the captain] to transport all rescued individuals to a secure location.

“Survivors are entitled to a protection check, which may only be conducted on land. Rejecting the 35 asylum-seekers onboard Humanity 1 from territorial seas is a type of collective denial and is thus unlawful.”

In tweets published later on Sunday, SOS Humanity said that it will file a lawsuit against the Italian government on Monday, alleging that Italy’s actions violate European law and the Geneva Refugee Convention.

It said that it was illegal to prevent all migrants from disembarking and that it would initiate legal actions in Catania to enable those who remained on board to disembark and file asylum claims.

MSF, which operates the Geo Barents, also criticized the Italian government’s decision, stating that it “is not lawful under marine law treaties.”

The organization, known in English as Doctors Without Borders, noted that “a rescue operation is deemed complete only when all survivors have reached a secure location.”

Both organizations said that everyone on board their ships was in a vulnerable state since they had been rescued from the ocean.

Two further vessels operated by non-governmental organizations remain at sea because no port would welcome them.

There are 93 passengers aboard the German-operated Rise Above and 234 on the SOS Mediterranee-operated Ocean Viking.

People sleeping on floors and decks, the development of fever-inducing illnesses and scabies, and dwindling food and medical supplies have been reported by all four vessels. Some migrants have spent more than two weeks aboard the ships.

Two Italian lawmakers and humanitarian organizations have traveled to Sicily to oppose the procedure.

“Liberate all the people, free them,” Aboubakar Soumahoro, an Italian legislator, stated, describing the government’s new stance as “inhuman.” “.

In her first address to parliament, Giorgia Meloni, the new prime minister of Italy, placed migration at the center of her government’s agenda.

She said, “We must prohibit unlawful departures and people trafficking,” but emphasized that she did not aim to “call into doubt the right to refuge for individuals escaping war and persecution.”

In a recent interview, she said that the nation of registration is responsible for the migrants on board; otherwise, the ship is a “pirate ship.”

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