iPhone 13 Release Date

iPhone 13 Release Date? Apple Might Be Planning To Launch It Soon

The iPhone is arguably one of the most popular smartphones in the world. It has sold over 200 million units since its release in 2007, which is why it’s no surprise that there are rumors about the next iteration of the device. The iPhone 13 might be coming soon! When will it be launched? What will it look like? What features will it have? Here are some details about what we know so far about the new iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 release date and price
The release date and price of the iPhone 13 is a major question for fans of the iPhone. In the past, Apple has always launched the devices one year after the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. However, rumors suggest that the device could come in 2018, which would mean a launch in the first half of the year, rather than the second half, according to Gizmodo. It’s possible that the device might even launch a month earlier, on April or May 2018, as rumor has it. In addition to rumors about when the iPhone 13 might launch, speculations are rife that Apple might want to launch the device at a higher price point than the iPhone 8. It’s possible that Apple is thinking about launching a 5.8-inch iPhone next year and if so, the price might increase to $1,200, according to a TechRadar report.


Features of the new device
From what the developers are saying about the iPhone 13, it’s likely to have a revamped camera. The primary camera in the current iPhone is a single lens, but this will likely change. Additionally, the next iPhone will also have a larger screen, probably 4.7 inches, but more significantly, this will be OLED, as opposed to the current IPS LCD screen. The team over at 9to5Mac.com are reporting that the iPhone 13 will be equipped with Face ID, the latest iteration of the facial recognition technology used in Apple devices, that will allow the user to unlock the device simply by looking at it. What could it be called? There are a couple of possibilities. According to Mac Rumors, the next iPhone will be named iPhone Xs.

Why is it so popular?
It seems like every generation of the iPhone has been better than the one before, and people are expecting this one to be no different. Despite the fact that there is competition now from the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel, there is no doubt that the iPhone remains the best in the game. The iPhone makes it simple for users to connect to the Internet. It allows users to get access to emails and Facebook, and it is easy to communicate with friends using WhatsApp or any other app. The device also comes with an excellent camera that can make a photo look even better, and Apple has managed to get that a perfect balance between sharpness and clarity. The touchscreen is responsive, and it’s easy to make use of it.

Will there be a higher-spec version?
An upgraded version of the iPhone, featuring an upgraded processor and new camera lenses could be released soon, a new report claims. Apple might add these features to its upcoming iPhone iteration, but the device won’t be ready until 2019, according to Nikkei Asian Review. A new version of the iPhone could debut as soon as August or September 2018. The upgraded iPhone could be the one with an OLED screen, the report said. How much will it cost? Apple will almost definitely be including these features in the priciest version of the iPhone, according to Kuo. The price will be somewhere between $900 and $1,100, he said, according to 9to5Mac. As we all know, the iPhone’s usual price has fluctuated considerably over the years.

With Apple’s never-ending obsession with perfection, iPhone fans are always on the lookout for news and information on the device. With the iPhone already being such a huge part of our everyday lives, we definitely don’t want to see it get cancelled or delayed for the second time. Hopefully, in 2017, the next iPhone will bring about the evolution of the device that we all so love. We can only hope that there will be at least one more revision, for better or worse. Featured photo from Apple.

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