Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
India bridge collapse arrests 9 as rescuers tell

Nine individuals were detained on Monday in connection with the collapse of a pedestrian bridge in western India that resulted in the deaths of over 140 people, according to authorities. Ashok Kumar Yadav, a senior police official, stated that the nine detained individuals were being probed for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. These individuals were all employed by a firm that maintained the Morbi bridge.

India bridge collapse arrests 9 as rescuers tell traumatic Diwali calamity

The bridge in Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which had reopened just days ago after months of maintenance, collapsed on Sunday evening, throwing hundreds into the river. Authorities said that approximately 500 people were enjoying the last day of Diwali on and around the almost 150-year-old suspension bridge when its supporting cables collapsed.

CCTV video showed the construction wavering, with a few individuals presumably shaking it on purpose before it unexpectedly collapsed.

The walkway and one barrier crumbled into the Machchhu river, leaving the other side hanging in midair as people tumbled into the murky water.

“I saw the bridge fall before my eyes,” claimed an unidentified witness who worked all night on rescue attempts. “When a mom showed me a picture of her daughter and asked whether I had saved her, it was terrible. I was unable to inform her that her daughter had passed away.”

Another witness, Supran, said that the bridge, a primary tourist site, was crowded.

“The wires broke, and the bridge collapsed in an instant. People collided and plunged into the river “he informed the local press.

ndia bridge collapse arrests 9 as rescuers

People clung to the bridge’s mangled remnants or attempted to swim to safety in the dark after its collapse.

Many Indians cannot swim, and another Morbi resident, Ranjanbhai Patel, claimed he assisted those who had reached the bank.

“We were unable to rescue them since the majority of them had fallen into the river,” he claimed.

Monday afternoon, local police commander P. Dekavadiya said that 137 persons had been confirmed deceased. They consisted of around 50 youngsters, with the youngest being a toddler. Regional police inspector general Ashok Yadav first reported 141 confirmed fatalities but subsequently amended the number downward.

One local representative, Kalyanji Kundariya, informed the reporters that he had lost 12 family members, including five children, in the tragedy.

Authorities quickly started a rescue effort after the fall, with boats and divers combing the river throughout the night and into Monday.

According to sources, the 764-foot-long and five-foot-wide bridges were launched in 1880 by British colonial officials and constructed using materials supplied from England.

The Gujarat tourism authority characterizes the “great suspension bridge” 200 kilometers west of the state’s capital, Ahmedabad, as a “technical and aesthetic masterpiece.”

Sandeepsinh Jhala, the head office of the Morbi municipality, said that the bridge had not been awarded a safety certificate after the recent repairs.

According to reports, the company that performed the repairs is a subsidiary of the Gujarat-based Oreva group, which promotes itself as the world’s biggest clocks producer and produces lighting items and e-bikes. The corporation could not be contacted immediately for comment.

Modi, who was scheduled to visit the scene on Tuesday, said that he “may have seldom felt such anguish in my life.”

Moscow and New Delhi have maintained tight ties for decades, and the Kremlin issued a statement expressing Vladimir Putin’s sympathies on the passing of the Indian prime minister.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed “profound sorrow,” while Nepal, Bhutan, the United Kingdom, and France extended expressions of solidarity.

In India, accidents involving aging and poorly maintained infrastructure, like bridges, are widespread.

In 2016, at least 26 people were murdered when a flyover in Kolkata collapsed into a busy roadway.

Five years before, at least 32 people were killed when a crowded bridge in the hill resort of Darjeeling collapsed.

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