Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
In Northamptonshire, residents gather to see the burial of Queen Victoria

Many residents of Northamptonshire have assembled to pay their respects and watch the burial of Queen Elizabeth II. Members of the public who gathered in her honor at several locations around the country have talked to the BBC.

Corby local Ann Tibbs and her pals saw the funeral at the Savoy Cinema.

In Northamptonshire, residents gather to see the burial of Queen Victori

It meant that the 81-year-old woman “wouldn’t be alone, sitting and watching it on television,” as she put it.

The Queen, she added, “would be missed terribly, very greatly,” and she wanted to show her respects.

Having a good Queen has benefited all of us; therefore, it was significant that she was honored for her service.

The words of Hilary Vetere, one of her friends: “Because we were unable to visit London, our substitute trip was the next best thing.

On this particular day, we felt it was essential to gather as friends and express our sentiments and emotions to one another.

That she is “amazing and exceptional,” as the 64-year-old says, is an understatement.

“She will be greatly missed,” she stated.

The Savoy Cinema’s manager, Rhys Fry, claimed that the screenings were held to “give people the opportunity to get together” after the passing of a loved one.

The 23-year-old said, “The community doesn’t always have the opportunity at home to celebrate the Queen as a group.”

It’s an opportunity for people to get together and healthily express their grief since “it has touched everyone throughout the nation and the globe.”

According to Mr. Fry, the theater opened a second showing since the first one was so popular that it sold out in one day, “very nearly complete.

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