Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
In Dundee, a road is blocked by flames as youngsters riot

A route in Dundee was blocked by a series of intentional fires caused by youngsters throwing pyrotechnics in the streets.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was summoned to Beauly Square in the Kirkton neighborhood of the city at about 17:30.

In Dundee, a road is blocked by flames as youngst

Social media videos depict flames on the neighboring Balgowan Avenue and police with riot shields.

A Police Scotland aircraft buzzed above the area as drivers were forced to retreat from the blaze.

According to other accounts, automobiles were struck by stones thrown at them, and people were leaping on vehicles.

Another picture showed children breaking windows at a local school.

Police Scotland stated there was an ongoing incident in the Kirkton region, but provided no other information.

John Alexander, the head of the Dundee City Council, expressed dismay at the events.

He said on Facebook, “This is not a little campfire. The blocking of highways with burning trash cans, the destruction of automobiles, and the destruction of our schools are reminiscent of images from an action film or a war-torn country.

“I am astonished, but much more so, I am outraged. This irresponsible behavior endangers lives by preventing emergency vehicles from passing on Balgowan Avenue, and it costs homeowners and taxpayers money.”

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