Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Government blames rebels for the church blast that killed ten people

The bombing of a Pentecostal church in Kasindi, in the country’s east, has been attributed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s government to rebels who are associated with the Islamic State organization.

According to authorities, eleven individuals died as churchgoers gathered for Sunday services.

The Allied Democratic Forces were responsible for at least 39 injuries, and the Congolese military referred to it as a “terrorist act” (ADF).

Government blames rebels for the church blast that killed ten

One of the most infamous and active rebel organizations in eastern Congo is the ADF.

The bomb assault, which the Congolese government claims was “clearly conducted by ADF terrorists,” was “seriously denounced” by the government in a statement.

The deceased families who were victims of “this horrible terrorist attack” received its “deepest sympathies,” according to the statement.

The UN presence in Kasindi denounced “the vicious and reprehensible assault.”

Antony Mualushayi, a military spokesman for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, echoed its statements when he said: “It is clear that this is a terrorist act perpetrated by the ADF terrorists who have suffered casualties in several battlefields by the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

An “improvised explosive device” was utilized in the assault, Mr. Mualushayi continued.

About 8 kilometers (5 miles) separate Kasindi from Beni, where the ADF is present.

Security is “one of the most critical difficulties” that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is facing, the top UN envoy in the nation warned the Security Council back in December.

What methods Islamic State has used to reach Central Africa

The ADF is an Islamist militant organization that was founded in the 1990s and is mostly focused on internal issues in Uganda.

However, since since the so-called Islamic State organization reemerged in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a number of assaults on Congolese civilians and a more global jihadist component, the ADF has claimed an increasing number of attacks in the name of the organization.

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