Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
Gabonese minister says climate won't change till west dies.

The world will only take significant action on the climate catastrophe when more people in wealthy nations die from its impacts, according to Gabon’s environment minister, who also warned that unmet pledges of billions of dollars of adaptation money had created a “feeling of betrayal” ahead of Cop27.

Lee White said that governments are not yet acting like global warming is a catastrophe, and he is worried for his children’s future. He said that the $100 billion in climate financing pledged by wealthy nations was not reaching developing nations, hence fostering mistrust in the UN climate process.

Cop27, which starts next week in Sharm el-Sheikh, has been dubbed “the Africa climate summit” by the United Nations, and loss and damage funding for nations facing the harshest effects of global warming will be a central topic.

White said, “With all that has transpired in the Horn of Africa and Pakistan over the last year, these regions are crucial.” With the once-in-a-500-year drought in Europe, the fires in France, and the New York subway becoming Niagara Falls, we may have reached a moment when industrialized countries begin to take climate change more seriously.

White said, “It’s an awful thing to say, but nothing will change until more people in rich countries die from the climate issue.”

Recent findings demonstrate how near the earth is to a climate disaster, and experts have warned that the world has reached a “really dire moment.”

Gabon, one of the most forested countries and home to more than half of the critically endangered African forest elephants, is holding one of the largest-ever sales of carbon credits generated by protecting its portion of the Congo basin rainforest, the world’s second-largest and the last to absorb more carbon than it emits.

White said that his nation, which derives almost sixty percent of its state income from oil, understood that the oil economy would decline and that more focus must be put on sustainable forestry and wood.

“We haven’t aggressively advocated the demise of the oil business like Costa Rica,” he remarked, referring to the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance announced by Costa Rica and Denmark at Cop26 in Glasgow. “We acknowledge that the oil business will vanish.

The MP from Manchester said that despite significant pledges, he had seen only little sums of climate financing for his nation, which fueled his displeasure with the UN climate process.

“Developed governments have often made promises without delivering. They have pledged to cut emissions, but they are not doing so adequately. They have promised financing, but that funding never seems to materialize. We did not cause the crisis, therefore you would expect wealthy countries to have a more serious involvement and to honor their word and commitments,” he said.

I have three children. I explain that my absences are due to my efforts to preserve the earth. They comprehend because it is genuine. We are creating an enormous dilemma for future generations.”

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