Elon Musk Net Worth

Elon Musk’s Net Worth, Humble Beginnings & How He Built The World’s Largest Electric Car Company

Elon Musk is one of the wealthiest people on Earth. He is also the founder and CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, The Boring Company, and PayPal. He is currently worth $21.5 billion according to Forbes. To put that into perspective, he has a net worth of more than what Warren Buffet ($84 billion), Jeff Bezos ($135 billion), Bill Gates ($95 billion) are worth combined. Musk’s success can be attributed to his intelligence, persistence, willingness to take risks, and ability to learn from mistakes. He was born in Pretoria in South Africa on June 28th 1971. He was 12 hours old when his parents firs

Elon Musk’s humble beginnings
Elon’s father, Errol, worked as a mechanical engineer and his mother, Maye, a lawyer. At that time, he was just a business student. He was living with his parents, his younger brother, Kimbal, and his 2-year-old sister. At the time, his father was running a company in Zimbabwe called Weir Smith Motors. Errol was recruited by Weir Smith Motors in 1989, and worked as a production engineer and worked on constructing pipelines. His parents had arrived back in South Africa in 1989. Errol received a phone call that Errol had been found dead in his car and that there was a bomb in his car. The man that was later found guilty of murdering Errol was named Zain, and Errol had been kidnapped by Zain’s father, who wanted his money.


His education
While Musk’s intelligence and engineering skills were evident from an early age, he did not receive the resources or encouragement to pursue them professionally. His father was an accountant and his mother a housewife. Musk studied physics at Pretoria Boys High School, but dropped out after the ninth grade to help his family run a fireworks business. Musk did, however, continue to pursue his interests by joining the South African Space and Rocket Center in Pretoria, where he received his training as an aerospace engineer. It was there that he met a science teacher, Andre Berthaume, who inspired him to pursue engineering and aerospace. Berthaume later helped him to start SpaceX in 2002.

How he became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world
He dropped out of school at the age of 16 to attend Stanford University to study physics and related fields. He struggled to get along with his overly zealous teachers and mentor and decided to drop out of college after two years. “I could have gone to a normal college, but I thought the path would be clearer if I went directly to a graduate school,” Musk says. He then moved to the United States to attend graduate school. There, he pursued work as a computer programmer and looked for a better way to move a large amount of data. He eventually started working for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and one day offered to supply electricity for his company when it first started.

Tesla and SpaceX
Elon Musk has turned his focus to electric cars and space travel. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He began his work in both companies in 2003. Tesla was a new company, with Musk and co-founder Martin Eberhard selling two cars. That’s when Tesla eventually developed the Tesla Roadster, with many customers buying this relatively affordable electric car. On the other hand, SpaceX was a new venture, but it soon became a much larger company. The company, founded in 2002 by Musk and French-born engineer Louis Friedman, soon moved into manufacturing rockets, and today has a backlog of $10.7 billion in rocket and spacecraft orders. SpaceX has successfully completed 30 launches to date.

The Boring Company
fled to escape the apartheid regime in South Africa. They relocated to Canada and when they decided to settle down in America Musk’s family settled in California. While studying at Dalian University of Technology in China, Musk co-founded X.com, which became PayPal and later went on to form a rocket company, SpaceX. After becoming famous as an entrepreneur, Musk put the space industry on his back and worked nonstop to keep his company going. On October 29th 2017, he shocked the world when he launched a Tesla Roadster into orbit to test the firm’s new rocket technology. The Roadster will orbit the Sun for nearly 300 million years.

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