Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth: How Much Money Does Drake Have?

Drake has had one of the most successful careers in music to date. With songs like “God’s Plan” and “Nice for What,” Drake has amassed over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. He’s also become one of the most influential rappers in hip hop history, having sold more than 10 million records worldwide. Despite all of this success, Drake only has an estimated net worth of $100 million. That might seem like a lot to some people, but it’s definitely not as much as you think. On the other hand, he does have enough money to buy his own island! Here are some ways that Drake spends his money wisely s

What is Drake’s net worth?
Drake’s net worth is a hefty $100 million. And that’s not the only record that he’s broken! The rapper broke his own streaming record in 2018 by having his first six albums on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously. He’s also the youngest hip-hop artist to have an album in the top 10 since 2004. Is Drake rich? Well, no! And that’s because Drake has a healthy amount of expenses. For instance, he eats at fancy restaurants quite often. Additionally, he spent over $50,000 on his 30th birthday party in 2016. And then there’s that diamond ring he recently got… So, can Drake afford that island in the Caribbean? Why, of course he can! The singer owns his own island, which he bought for $7.5 million in 2015.


How does Drake spend his money?
The 31-year-old is often spotted wearing exclusive clothing from brands like Gucci and Adidas. According to People, Drake even has a line of signature fragrances with Just Don and he was the creative director for a Canadian-based retailer. His most popular merch, a T-shirt with the word “God” in the bottom left corner, was his idea. He has also stated that he likes “funny stuff,” and loves learning new things. Drake spends his money on a variety of things, from recording equipment to movies. In 2017 alone, he reportedly spent about $7 million on merch alone. In addition to jewelry, he also purchases expensive cars and watches. He is also known to splurge on lavish vacations. He also invests in a number of startups. What does Drake earn?

What are the most expensive things in Drake’s life?
Drake lives on a very nice island. The island is over in the Bahamas and costs $8 million. Drake also spends money on his family, buying them their own island for $1.6 million and sending his mom thousands of dollars every month. He’s also very generous, giving money to celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown and donating money to a number of hospitals and charitable organizations. $25,000 Foot Massage It might not seem like a lot, but Drake makes a lot of money! While performing in Miami during the 2018 NCAA Tournament, Drake jumped in the crowd to rub the feet of one of the fans who won a contest to receive the full, four hour treatment. $500 Dollar Tip Most celebrities tip well, but Drake is one of the rare few to pay everyone $500 without breaking a sweat.

How many cars does Drake have?
Drake is considered a car collector, and he owns eight cars. He owns two supercars in particular: 2017 Bugatti Chiron 2014 Rolls-Royce Dawn How much money does Drake make in a year? Drake makes money in several ways. In 2016, Drake earned over $30 million from his album Views. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his yearly income is around $60 million. Drake went on a tour last year for the album Drizzy, which added to his earnings. What is Drake’s net worth? Drake’s net worth was estimated at $100 million by Celebrity Net Worth. Do you think Drake has a good amount of money? Do you think he spends his money wisely?

How many homes does Drake have?
There are five places where Drake likes to hang out. Three of them are in Toronto and the other two are in Los Angeles. According to Closer Weekly, Drake pays $120,000 a month in rent for these three places. That’s $4.5 million a year! He also has two mansions in Toronto that are worth a combined $7 million. How much money does Drake make each year? Drake’s only income comes from his music. However, he is able to live a pretty comfortable life even on just that. Drake has recently revealed that he has an album on the way, so he’s probably going to make some money from that as well. It’s unclear how much of the album will be streamed, but his Instagram page says the album is dropping at midnight. What is Drake’s net worth after all of his expenses?

These numbers don’t account for income from streaming and merchandise sales, but Drake definitely has plenty of money to burn. He’s also able to support himself while paying his bills — not too shabby.

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