Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
Biden talks with Xi and says there will be no new Cold War

Following a reconciliatory meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, US Vice President Joe Biden said there would be no “new Cold War” with China.

He also expressed doubt that China would attack Taiwan.

It was the first encounter between the leaders of the two superpowers since Mr. Biden became office.

The two met a day before the G20 conference on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Shortly after Mr. Xi’s arrival, the leaders met for three hours at a fancy hotel to discuss a variety of matters, including Taiwan.

The island, which is claimed by Beijing and is a US ally, has traditionally been a contentious topic in US-China ties.

The August visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan heightened tensions. Fears of a potential confrontation between the United States and China were sparked by China’s large-scale military drills surrounding the island.

According to a statement released to Chinese state media on Monday, Mr. Xi emphasized that Taiwan remained “the center of China’s vital interestsā€¦ and the first red line that cannot be crossed in US-China ties.”

Biden talks with Xi and says there will be no new Cold

In recent weeks, U.S. officials have cautioned that China’s efforts to invade Taiwan may intensify.

On Monday, reporters questioned Mr. Biden whether he believed this to be true and if he felt a new Cold War was imminent.

“I really think a new Cold War is unnecessary. I have met with Xi Jinping several times, and we have always been open and direct with one another. I do not anticipate any impending invasion effort by China on Taiwan “he remarked.

“I made it clear that we want cross-strait problems to be settled peacefully so that armed conflict is avoided. And I am confident that he understood what I said, just as I comprehended what he said.”

Mr. Biden said that the two presidents had agreed to establish a structure for discussions at the highest levels of government to address difficulties.

He noted that he had made his intentions known to Mr. Xi “Our Taiwan policy has not altered in any way. It’s the same position we’ve always held “.

Mr. Biden has consistently said that the United States would support Taiwan if China attacks. It has been seen as a shift from the United States’ long-held policy of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan, under which it does not commit to protecting the island. Officials have distanced themselves from his comments.

The United States has traditionally walked a tightrope towards Taiwan. The One China policy, wherein Washington recognizes only one Chinese government – in Beijing – and has no diplomatic links with Taiwan, is a cornerstone of its relationship with Beijing.

However, it also maintains tight ties with Taiwan and sells it armaments in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act, which mandates that the United States provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself.
Competition, not struggle

In addition to Taiwan, Mr. Xi and Mr. Biden discussed North Korea and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to readouts from both parties.

Mr. Biden also expressed worry on human rights problems in China, such as the treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Tibet.

Both leaders endeavored to demonstrate to each other – and the rest of the world watching their meeting – that they were conscious that global security depended on the relationship between their two nations and that they would behave responsibly.

In recent days, Mr. Biden and US officials have made a concerted effort to telegraph their desire for reconciliation, emphasizing repeatedly that the United States does not want war with China while preserving a spirit of fierce competitiveness.

Mr. Xi looked to be on the same page, recognizing in the opening comments of the meeting that “we must design the proper way for the China-US relationship” given that “the world has reached a crossroads.”

Later in the Chinese translation, Mr. Xi stated: “Relations between China and the United States should not be a zero-sum game in which you win and I loseā€¦ The expansive Earth is capable of tolerating China’s and America’s growth and shared prosperity “.

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