Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
After wreaking havoc in Puerto Rico, Fiona now threatens the Dominican Republ

Cuba – On Monday, Hurricane Fiona raced through the Dominican Republic after leaving “catastrophic” devastation in Puerto Rico, where it had knocked out electricity island-wide.

Authorities in the U.S. island said it was too soon to determine the entire amount of damage from a massive storm that was still expected to pour heavy rain throughout Puerto Rico on Monday, but no fatalities had been recorded as of Sunday evening.

After wreaking havoc in Puerto Rico, Fiona now threatens the Dominican Republic

The southern part of Puerto Rico was expected to get up to 30 inches (76 cm) of rain. Authorities in the eastern Dominican Republic warned residents to remain off the roads and out of the office because of the potential for as much as 15 inches of rain.

San Juan meteorologist Ernesto Morales emphasized the need for people to realize that the storm was far from done.

His words: “record levels of floods,” with hundreds of people around the island evacuated or rescued.

It’s “catastrophic,” Governor Pedro Pierluisi remarked of the destruction.

Authorities on a boat made their way through the flooded streets of the north coast town of Catano before daybreak on Monday, using a megaphone to warn residents that the pumps had failed.

As many as 1,300 people, according to the authorities, slept in shelters around the island last night.

In the southern part of Puerto Rico, brown water flooded streets, flooded houses, and ate up an airport runway.

The central mountain hamlet of Utuado was struck hard by Fiona, which authorities claimed washed out a bridge that had been constructed by the National Guard following Hurricane Maria’s 2017 Category 4 strike.

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