Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
A Kherson resident portrays the area as a ghost town of weary individuals

A resident of the Russian-occupied city of Kherson described the atmosphere there as uncomfortable, with residents being “emotionally weary,” the streets being deserted by mid-afternoon, and Russian troops being seen in civilian attire.

A Kherson resident portrays the area as a ghost town of weary
A Kherson resident portrays the area as a ghost town of weary

The government said on Saturday that “due to the stressful situation at the front, the heightened risk of heavy bombardment of the city, and the possibility of terrorist attacks, all citizens must evacuate the city immediately and move to the east bank of the Dnieper!”

Previously, officials have advised residents to evacuate, but Saturday’s warning seemed to go farther.

Speaking on Friday, a Kherson city citizen said, “Unfortunately, many Kherson residents had to contemplate leaving the city. Everyone has their own concerns and anxieties. However, I am certain that nobody wanted to leave.

She said that Kherson was now a ghost town. Since March, when the Russian occupation started, tens of thousands of its citizens have fled.

Evening views reveal a vast number of high-rise buildings with no more than two or three illuminated windows. During the day, you are most likely to encounter people around the market. But between 3 and 4 p.m., the streets are completely deserted.”

On Saturday, Yuriy Sobolevskyi, a Ukrainian politician, said on Telegram that “miserable scum who torment Kherson” had ordered that all elevators in the city be switched off.

The lady said that she had no plans to leave. Sincerely, this question infuriates me…. This is my farm, and I reside in Kherson. From the beginning of the conflict, we participated in protests against the invaders and fought as hard as we could. This conflict is still ongoing.”

The lady said that she has not heard of anybody being forced to leave in recent days. Some individuals were still attempting to enter Vasylivka in the adjacent Zaporizhia region, the sole accessible crossing point between Russian- and Ukrainian-held territory.

It is unclear if this position will alter now that the Russian-appointed body has issued its new directive.

The lady said that the city’s mood was tense. “People are emotionally weary, and some refuse to leave their homes in order to avoid interaction with the troops.” There is no way to rest here. When I hear a vehicle driving near the home in the evening, I am anxious since a car at a late hour is not a good omen.

She asserted that the majority of people who remained recognized that the Ukrainian military “would never hurt the civilian population and would never shell civilians.

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