Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

A fire at a food industry is being fought by more than 50 firemen, and it has forced many traffic closures nearby.

Just after midnight, a fire broke out at a wholesalers in Willenhall, West Midlands, on Stringes Lane.

The apartment is around 3,200 sq ft (280 sq m) in size, and the fire has damaged roughly 60% of it.

According to the fire department, employees were able to leave the scene without any injuries.

Ten fire engines, specialty teams, police officers, and ambulance personnel were sent to the location.

A spokeswoman added, “Our staff have worked hard to prevent any fire from spreading to surrounding houses and to secure a nearby car fuel tank and an oil tanker.

Roads are anticipated to be blocked throughout morning, including:

Short Street Mill Lane Greadier Street Bentley Lane

Ashmore Lake Way Strings Close Spring Lane Forge Street Haley Street

According to the agency, “We’re trying our best to unblock roads and coordinate with nearby businesses and homes to facilitate access whenever feasible.”

It is advisable for residents to keep their windows and doors shut.

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